A man demonstrated how people disappear onthe beach

A man just takes a step forward and … disappears, because the sand
leaves from under his feet, taking the body down – there into the unknown,
which is not fixed by the camera.

This is a masterfully executed demonstration of the disappearance of people in
песчаных дюнах, на the beach и так далее, исполненная с некоторой
theatricality and humor attracted many users
The Internet.

This is nothing mystical, says one of them, but all
Equally the moment the person disappears is fascinating. Appears
the sensation of the fragility of our world and at the same time its fabulousness, for
which is worth something more than what we think about
us reality.

The disappearance of the guy reminded me of the words of one popular song,
the second user writes: Having run away, I will jump from a cliff, here I was, and here
I was gone. Of course, this is a joke, but she’s kind of prophetic that
whether …

Excellent video, the third agrees, it seems that the young man
He will not return again – he goes into the sand and as if forever. And although
this moment is repeated, you know – installation, but in fact disappeared
man, completely gone …

Well, look and you are this simple and at the same time so
attractive video And what are your feelings when it

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