A man disappears on a mysterious roller

On the popular YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly”,
astonishingly dedicated to various anomalous phenomena
video received a few days ago in mexican
Metepec municipality. Surveillance camera near one of the local
warehouses captured at night mysterious man, literally
dissolved in the air like a ghost. The caretaker of the enterprise
Francisco Javier hurried to lay out such an unusual entry in
The Internet.

Some users of the World Wide Web thought it was true
was a native of the thin world. Say, the figure of a man looks
pale and ephemeral, only unlike a living person. According to
other commentators, we have a person who has mastered teleportation.
If you believe the third, we are talking about the failure of the “Matrix”. Skeptics
convinced that this is still the most ordinary man, and so outlandish
The effect is caused by poor lighting and camera imperfection.

It is noteworthy that November is considered the month of the dead in Mexico. one
the numbers here are celebrating the Cathedral of All Saints, and 2 numbers are the Day of All
departed faithful. Residents of the North American state firmly believe
that at this time of year the boundary between ours and the beyond worlds
becomes thinner, and the souls of the dead can penetrate the Earth, wandering among
us visiting our relatives and friends. Maybe it was just such a native of them.
thin world accidentally hit the one below
videotape? ..

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