A man from 2048 warns of an invasionalien

In the US city of Casper, Wyoming, a very
mysterious incident. On East Second Street was weird
a dressed man who began to shout out that soon our
the planet must be attacked by aliens, and humanity must immediately
start preparing for the upcoming invasion. Soon someone from
vigilant citizens called the police, and the arrived law enforcement officers
detained the troublemaker.

In the station, the man told the police that he had come to us from
near future, or rather, from 2048. According to him, in 2025
year, the Earth is attacked by aggressive representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization. A fierce war with them, they say, will continue more than two
decades, until the time machine was invented in 2048.
Then it will be sent to the past, that is, in our 2017, in order to
warn earthlings about the danger to them. Mysterious individual
claims that he urgently needs to talk to the mayor of the city,
so that he passed this information to higher authorities
current president of the United States.

The scenario described by this man suspiciously reminds
fighter “Terminator”, where humanity was attacked by smart machines, and
the only way to resist them was to prevent war,
back to the past. Whether it is crazy or a joker, scooping
inspiration from science fiction, whether a real traveler from
of the future. In the last police, of course, do not believe too much
However, they can not fail to note one strange detail: the identity
this person is not identified yet …

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