A man in 40 months traveled the world onunicycle

Now 21-year-old Briton Ed Pratt has made an amazing accomplishment
объехав мир на unicycle. Its an unusual journey
he started 40 months ago when he was only 19 and finished
just the other day. Leaving in March 2015 from his native city
Taunton, he covered a total of almost 34 thousand kilometers
and visited all continents of the Earth, with the exception of Antarctica.

Pratt was the first to make such a trip not on
a regular bike, but on a monocycle. An incredible journey took
a young man has 16 months more than planned
initially This was due to severe weather conditions, icy
roads, and once even the recklessness of a Kazakh motorist. TO
Fortunately, the goal-oriented Englishman returned home safely
safe and sound.

Ed admitted to journalists that he was forced to leave school in
University in order to carry out its complex and risky idea in
the bloom of years and strength. During such a long trip to him
managed to collect about 400 thousand dollars of donations that
will buy educational equipment for schools in poor countries.
It is reported that this amount will help the formation of more than 15 thousand
children in many states.

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