A man photographed a ghost in the window recentlydead girlfriend

User “Reddit” claims to have photographed the other day
the spirit of her neighbor and a good friend. In confirmation of these words
A 57-year-old man from Boston has provided other site regulars
snapshot with a mysterious shadow in a semi-dark window. According to our
the hero, he and his late friend lived in neighboring
apartments on the top floor of an apartment building. Woman
died recently from a cerebral vessel aneurysm, and since then her
the apartment is empty. Here is what the author of the mysterious

A few days ago I could not sleep and went out at 3 am on
the street to unwind. When I was outside, I looked up
and suddenly noticed a faint glow in the window of her bedroom. None
robbers could not be there. Her relatives too. She has
they actually have relatives, but they denied her in the 1980s when she
killed her husband. It was pure self-defense, but she didn’t care
I had to sit out for 12 years. Since then, she has remained completely alone, if
don’t count me None of her relatives even took her things.
after death. When her dog began to whine in the apartment, I called
the cops. They found her lying on the floor.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this
ghostly silhouette in the window. I got rooted to the spot and almost on the machine
made this photo. I think my girlfriend’s death was so
sudden that she didn’t even understand how she left us
can not part with the earthly world. Most frightening what exactly
near this window she always had a chair in which she loved
read books at night or look at the edge of Boston. Now to me
a bit uncomfortable when I remember how I stood there and her
the restless spirit could well look at me through a half-tailed
the curtain. I wonder what she thought at that moment? ..

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