A man photographed “a portal to anothermeasurement

Another interesting publication appeared in the site section.
�Reddit, dedicated to unexplained images and videos.
User with the nickname Morghani tells that his friends
recently went to nature and during the rest did some
snapshots. When the photographer returned home and viewed received in
that day footage, then suddenly noticed on one of them a strange
anomaly, which could not find a rational explanation.

Mysterious glowing ball of blue color appeared on the background of the trunk
fallen tree. Skeptics, of course, believe that this is only
Only about the sun glare in the camera lens, but their assumption
most likely wrong. If you look closely at the picture,
you can see that the blue anomaly is partially hidden by branches, while
time as a reflection, as every photographer would understand, could not be
something obstructed. What is it then? Really something

Some regulars “Reddit” even noticed in this bunch
light strange shapes, suspicious similar to human
silhouette. Commentators seem to have good
imagination, immediately thought that the man photographed
This portal into a different dimension. Morghani himself who laid it out
an unusual photo for everyone to see also tends to
that this frame captures something that goes beyond

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