A man photographed the spirit of a witch in the crownhanging tree

48-year-old Englishman Paul Stevenson claims he succeeded
take a picture of the witch spirit in the branches of a tree on which a witch
once hanged. This happened in the county of Nottinghamshire in the summer
last year, but our hero just now noticed that
captured something mysterious on the camera of your smartphone. More
In addition, a man claims to have heard the ominous whisper of that day.
green crown, calling him to himself.

According to Paul, he probably managed to meet then with
the ghost of Margaret Moore, who was hanged in 1647 on this very
tree The woman was accused of making a deal with the devil. If a
believe the old legends, Margaret had three children, but all of
they died from various diseases. When an Englishwoman gave birth
fourth child and realized that he, too, is too weak to
exist in this world then sold her soul to the prince of darkness in return for
the preservation of the life of her son.

When other townspeople learned about the miraculous healing of a baby,
immediately guessed everything and insisted on the arrest of Moore. Under torture
the alleged witch also admitted that she planned to kill
the instructions of the dark forces of the local resident Thomas Nix. As a result, the judge
decided to take Margaret to the crossroads and hang her there.
It is alleged that before she died, a woman cursed her countrymen and
promised that even the dead will return for their souls

Stevenson says that he was at a crossroads in the middle
August 2017. He was walking slowly along the road, while
there was nobody around. Unexpectedly, the man heard the mysterious
female whisper from foliage. The Briton heard the following fragments of phrases:
�”I’m here,” “come with me,” “I like you.” Surprised pedestrian
photographed the tree and went on, fettered unpleasant
sticky feeling, as if in his back someone is looking.

However, for some unknown reason, the author of the picture never for all these
months did not turn to him, as if he had been withdrawn from it. Only
the other day Paul accidentally stumbled on his phone
photograph Having increased the image on the computer, the Englishman suddenly
noticed an angry female face in the crown of a tree. To the right of the trunk
You can consider the eye, nose and mouth of the intended ghost. Searching
Online information about this place, Stevenson is surprised
read the old legend of the hanged witch. Did her
the restless spirit was trying to lure the man to himself, to the delicate world?
Terrible, is not it? ..

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