A man wants to understand what kind of animal flashedin the forest for deer

One of the users of the social network Reddit published in it
under the nickname Sgt_Soggybottoms his story about a possible meeting with
a snowman who admits he experienced
an amazing mixture of horror, curiosity and children’s delight. Author
assures that in his story (despite her some mystical
baseline) no gram of fiction – only facts and some
assumptions. And it all happened in New York State, on
relatively high mountain Beacon, the top of which is crowned by a transmitter
one of the local mobile networks.

The beginning of this story did not foretell any romance: boring
routine work of engineers

That day, closer to ten in the evening, we are me and the head of the department
for network equipment maintenance – received orders
fix the problem on the tower, standing on Beacon.

The dirt road that led from the foot to the top of the mountain,
abounded with lots of potholes, and our jeep constantly bounced on
of them. Then we began to notice the light rays from above. Apparently
these were people with lanterns, but for some reason we didn’t
to myself.

A couple of times we noticed fiery spots in the undergrowth, as if among
trees burned fires. My boss suggested that the locals
had a party with a drink, so we’d better stay away
от of them. He also said that he had been in these places before and never
did not appear here without a gun, and especially at night. My boss
I was afraid not only of local residents. �”There are such things
which cannot be explained, ”he told me.

The chief’s fears came true: there were deer running from
some mysterious creature

It took at least an hour to drive along an ugly mountain road.
By the time we reached the place it was almost midnight. We, like
relied on, checked the transmitter and did all the necessary debugging,
after which we went back.

On one section of the road was a very steep descent; driving it we
barely crawled. Suddenly, right in front of us, three deer jumped out onto the road.
It was so unexpected that the boss spun the wheel convulsively – and
car crashed into the rock. Since the speed was minimal, we
only a little crushed bumper. My boss turned off the engine, we sat
in dead silence. And suddenly, in this silence, we clearly heard
like some very large animal swept from the road to the slope.
Hearing the noise, I directed my flashlight in that direction, but this someone
already hid, and only on the bushes and trees frantically rocked
disturbed branches.

Who was it, I asked my boss, maybe a deer too? BUT
maybe even a bear? He replied gloomily that, judging by
sounds, this creature ran on two legs (or paws), and not on
four. In addition, the bear would not chase the deer, food
he extracts himself differently.

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