A man with an unusual appearance gets his tongueforehead

A 35-year-old Nepalese named Yagya Bahadur Katuval living in
Urlabari, has a unique skull structure and a very
long language, which he is able to easily get … to his
шеи и даже до собственного forehead.

The unusual appearance of a man, of course, is surprising.
Interestingly, our hero works as a driver in his hometown.
school bus. If adult children are already accustomed to it
�”Diabolical” grimaces, the kids are often scared of such a spectacle,
especially when they see it for the first time, sometimes they even cry.

Katuval was born with a unique lower jaw, different from
usual incredible mobility. Nepalese since infancy and
did not grow teeth, however for a man who never knew
what it is like to have real teeth, this is not a problem. Reliable plug-in
the jaw perfectly suits our hero. But, removing it, he can
demonstrate amazing tricks that make it look like
horror movie hero. The man himself believes that he looks like
the horror character, however, the appearance is not chosen, so he does not see
sense to be sad.

The video below has flown around the World Wide Web after
the way Katuvala captures a friend’s camera and then
interested local journalists. Now Nepali is planning
get into the Guinness Book of Records as a person who can reach
tongue up to the most distant part of your own head.
However, some Internet web regulars predict even Nepalese
circus future – you just need to learn a little bit and have a huge
desire for that. A happy occasion, it seems, for Katual
come, because now the whole world knows him …

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