A martian simulator will appear in Dubaithe colonies

In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates may soon
appear area in which living conditions will be simulated
the colonizers of Mars. Martian city of the future is already being considered
UAE government. Its cost is pre-estimated at almost
one hundred and forty million american dollars.

According to the local edition of The National, the project Mars
Scientific City presented the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince of the UAE
Mohammed bin Rashid. It is planned to allocate about 200 for this city.
square meters of land and spend over 500 million

The videotape of the Martian city of Mohammed bin Rashid also showed
Dubai Media Center, after which the project materials appeared in
social network Twitter. As you can see, the city is a series
unique biocubs located in the “Martian” desert.

Please note that inside these domed spaces
There will be a kind of greenhouse for growing vegetables and
greenery for the colonizers, other greenery, because
the settlement must fully provide itself with food and
�”Living energy”.

Note that the UAE authorities say about such a Martian city
not the first year, and now they are planning to implement
project in the next five years. Mars Scientific City has become one of
key themes of the national development of the country and in particular Dubai,
proposed by the new government of the Arab Emirates,
formulated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Rashid.

This project will allow participants in the experiment to live in
�”Martian conditions”, and the guests Thinking to visit these colonists and
watch their “life on mars.” In general, according to The
National, it will be a real masterpiece, completely imitating
martian life that should attract attention not only
scientists, but also numerous tourists.

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