A mermaid with a UFO in his hand was found on the oldmap

In 1562 in the Belgian city of Antwerp, they made public
the most detailed at that time map of the American and African
continents. The Spanish king Philip II immediately approved it in
as the only official cartographic document.
Cartographers of the 16th century put not only the main objects on it
and with great precision, but also supplied the canvas with many
artistic details that had no direct geography

К примеру, на map можно найти множество мифических существ,
including various bloodthirsty monsters. Amazing that only
Now on this, in general, a small picture of 93 by 86
centimeters found a strange image of a mermaid with a mysterious
subject in hand, which is impossible to confuse with anything. it
�”Flying saucer”! Half-woman half fish is on the canvas
near the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south of South

Is it really a disc-shaped unidentified flying object?
It is known for certain that mankind from ancient times noticed UFOs and
sought to capture them in the visual arts. Maybe,
one of the cartographers who participated in the creation of this masterpiece,
it came to my mind to leave on the canvas a secret message that near
Tierra del Fuego often appear “flying saucers”? If you believe
to modern ufologists, the archipelago that is shared today by Argentina
and Chile, in fact, pulls the alleged ships
representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations very often …

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