A modern 3-year-old child has an IQ higher than that ofHawking and Einstein

How is this possible, no one can explain, but the 3-year-old
the girl from Albion Ophelia Morgan-Dew has an IQ of 11
points higher than the aforementioned superseded scientists.

The tests carried out with the baby showed that her IQ is 171
unit, whereas the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and laureate
Nobel Prize Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160 units (by the way,
figure for the average person – from 85 to 115 units).

The smartest child of the planet, living in the British small
the town of Ross-on-Wye, spoke in eight months, saying his first
expression – “Hello, Mom”, then the baby is fast
I learned not only to speak, but also to read and count. Now she is three
years, but she remembers well almost all of her previous life,
starting from a few months old.

Her mother is 31-year-old Englishwoman Natalie and her husband Ben confess that
for them it became at first a certain shock. Currently
Ophelia is home schooled since
ahead of their peers and could well already go to school.
However, parents do not want to give it there ahead of time, fearing that
the girl is not ready for this socially.

The rest of the baby behaves the same way as all other children: loves
play, draw, sing, dream and, most importantly, never
is bored. Journalists have not managed to find out from her parents and
tutors (the girl went to a preschool institution at one time),
did she remember her past lives: usually such indigo children as
they are called by some researchers; they remember well who they were
in previous incarnations. In our case, this topic is still closed,
and no one knows why. Natalie and Ben say neither yes nor no
just go away from this delicate subject – and that’s it …

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