A mysterious luminous object fell from the sky inBrazil

Residents of Salvador – the capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia – report
a mysterious luminous object that fell to the ground in the evening 20
February By including the video below, you can see how
UFO explodes at low altitude, provoking a bright flash in the sky.
The inhabitants of several local areas saw and heard well the explosion,
But that is not all. One of the townspeople managed to find a chip
mysterious unidentified object.

Landowner Edini da Silva Almeida told reporters that
engaged in burning dry plants on his plot when he heard
incredibly loud bang in the sky. The surprised man exchanged glances with
nearby neighbors and the Brazilians turned their eyes
up. Soon something radiant fell to the ground, and witnesses,
approaching, they found that it was a strange curved piece
metal. Item length was 15 centimeters, weight – 2.9

Many official experts suggest that this is a piece of
meteorite or space junk. Ufologists believe that
Salvador could fall a piece of aircraft representatives
extraterrestrial civilization or a fragment of an alien artifact. As if
however, the controversy over the nature found by the Brazilians
the subject continues to this day. Are the authors going to find
to pass the artifact to the scientists for research – also another question,
since, as locals believe, it’s still nothing
will clarify: the artifact will simply disappear where it is unknown, and without
Answer and greetings. It would be better to remain as an exhibit of heaven.
messages that you can not only admire (and show it
guests), but even pray …

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