A mysterious thing happened in the solar systemenergy flash

Famous ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist George
Graham, leading the popular YouTube-channel “Streetcap1”, discovered
strange cosmic phenomenon. The researcher looked through the pictures,
received in recent days by the American satellite Stereo Ahead, and
I was extremely surprised by what he saw on them. The author of the finding acknowledges that
even a little scared by the picture that has opened to him and does not know to whom
ask for clarification.

NASA’s solar surveillance device
recorded on May 7 something very similar to a colossal
energy flash. According to George, one might have thought that
an entire planet exploded in the solar system. Presumptive
the shock wave created giant noise on the image, then
spread to the rest of the space visible to the satellite. Graham
and his colleagues suggest that this energy may soon reach
and our “blue ball” – and for sure it will not be familiar to us
sunny wind.

But what was it? What exploded in space with such force that
led to the light of the cameras “Stereo Ahead”? This is how they understand it.
Internet users:

  • ufologists, for example, say that the alien ship destroyed
    something in the solar system, dangerous to the earth, and therefore earthlings in
    in this case there is nothing to be afraid of: the aliens know what they are doing;
  • other users are confident that what happened is somehow related to
    solar flares, even in this case occurred and not ordinary
    activity of our Luminary, but still – nothing terrible, otherwise
    the powers that be already in a panic would have rushed to occupy their underground
    bunkers, but this is not happening yet;
  • still others understand it this way: not so far from the Earth could
    form an amazing astronomical body unknown to us
    type, the birth of which recorded the camera “Stereo Ahead”.

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