A new find by archaeologists is undermining the modernlook at the origin of man

German archaeologists, as reported by DW, found in
the old bed of the Rhine human teeth, very similar in their
structure on the jaw of australopithecus or ardipiteka. But here’s what
Essence – found teeth several million older than previous
similar finds.

German scientists have already found that the current find about 10
million years, that is, these teeth are 4 million older than the skeleton
Australopithecus Lucy, considered the oldest ancestor of modern

This is a great success, archeologists told reporters, and at the same time
time is a great mystery that turns our understanding of
истории происхождения person First, people, as it turned out,
much older than previously thought, and secondly, the first ones,
it turns out, appeared far from Africa, as previously thought,
because ardipitekov and australopithecus found there.

Archaeologists have promised that already this week in scientific journals
research results based on today’s
discoveries, certain conclusions have been made, and then it will become clear
whether we accept the new about the origin of man or conservative
the views of scientists, as is often the case in academic circles,
will take up.

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