A new race of earthlings is being formed.

This is already obvious in many ways: aliens who
Some researchers consider our creators to continue their
genetic experiment, and therefore on Earth is now being formed
completely different race of people.

Independent researchers argue that the planet appears
more people with altered DNA. Sometimes they are called children.
indigo, sometimes star children or just aliens,
settled in the human body.

All these children differ from their normal peers more
high mental, creative, mental, telepathic and
other abilities. They, for example, may have
psychic, clairvoyance, to be able to cure diseases intuitively
contactless way and so on.

Scientists are researching the DNA of such unusual children and more and more
to the conclusion that the aliens change the code, preparing humanity to
A new level of development, and what will happen is already in the near
future, no later than the change of another generation. And how
say conspiracy the general public from all
hiding. The purpose of such a disguise is the fear of universal
panic. Imagine that most of the earthlings will be afraid that they
began to give birth not ordinary, and star children, that is – strangers who
come to Earth just to take over our planet.

And although it seems naive and even ridiculous, it is not necessary to exclude
that most people on earth are simply not ready to understand
that we initially live side by side with aliens, and they are capable
interfere in our lives because we are their offspring, and therefore have
the right to change our genome. For what it is done right now, us,
most likely not to understand, however, perhaps the aliens have
relation to terrestrial civilization any plans or even
commitments to the Higher Forces. And they are purposeful and
a certain schedule is changing a person. No wonder the same astrologers
they say that we have now entered a new, more advanced era
human development. It is possible that the code values ​​in
the location of the heavenly bodies, which are easily read by astrologers, this
a kind of knowledge map, which they themselves use
aliens …

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