A newcomer on the side of the road hit the lensregistrar

The man, known only by the name of Jack, sent to specialists
The Third Phase of Moon is amazing

The material, presumably, demonstrates an extraterrestrial life form.
The video was filmed at night by the owner of the all-terrain vehicle passing into it.
time on a country road. Повернув камеру своего registrar
aside, the driver unexpectedly captured in the bushes on the side of the road
humanoid looking alien sci-fi
the movie.

The popular community “Third Phase of Moon” has its own
radio broadcast, through which ufologists tell the audience
from all over the world about their work. The leaders of the group are
Blake Brothers and Brett Cousins. Many investigations of these
Specialists are questioned, but the brothers are steadily
continue to cover any events concerning supernatural
conspiracy theories or the activities of extraterrestrial representatives

Where and when the video below was received, not
is known. Its author told researchers that he committed
traditional 45-minute night detour of the protected area,
checking fences. From this we can conclude that Jack is working
somewhere a watchman. The man, however, wishes to remain anonymous,
therefore he refuses to give his full name and place of the incident.
It is also not clear whether he saw a possible alien immediately or
noticed a humanoid creature only when viewed
subsequently received entry.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web claim that this is no
humanoid, and a whimsical stump among the bushes. However, others
users clarify that if you look closely, you can
see the head, torso and forelimbs of the mysterious
creatures. In addition, some commentators noted that “green
man “moves and turns in the direction of passing by
him quad bike.

The figure captured on this video, in fact, resembles
gray alien. The skin color of a creature is difficult to determine due to its
lighting headlights. The head of the alleged humanoid is elongated and
seems to have two big black eyes.

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