A pair of amazing UFO appeared near the ISS

April 14 this year, Taiwan ufologist Scott Waring, widely
known for his conspiracy theories about visiting the earth
newcomers watching live webcam broadcast
International Space Station and unexpectedly noticed in the frame
something amazing.

A glowing ball appeared in Earth’s orbit, which then suddenly
divided into 4-6 smaller ball lights. Thereafter
a cluster of similar lights seemed elsewhere not far from
ISS. Lights on unidentified flying objects periodically
flashed a bright light. According to the ufologist, if
take a closer look, you can see two large
aircraft, each of which has a diameter of about 300
meters and, apparently, a triangular shape.

Waring suggests that we can talk about a couple of legendary
American aircraft “TR-3B Astra”. Many conspiracy therapists
claim that the United States Air Force created these aircraft based on
alien technology, and futuristic planes can not only
rise into space but also become completely invisible and
even teleport.

Skeptics deny the existence of the “TR-3B Astra” aircraft,
least in the United States. According to them, having such
a formidable weapon, the Pentagon would certainly have demonstrated it to the world,
in order to intimidate earthlings and Russia in the first place. But this is not
happens though some mysterious invisible triangular aircraft
Forms really periodically get into the lens of video cameras. But
what it really is – nobody knows, just guesses and
assumptions …

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