A pair of pale ghosts scared American

A resident of the American city of Traverse City in Michigan
claims that whitish ghostly
the figures that gave him nightmares.

A man recently passed near an abandoned local hospital and
photographed the facade of the building. After reviewing a few days later
the resulting picture, our hero suddenly noticed on it a couple of pale
ghostly figures. One of them seemed to be peeking from behind a pillar and
even waved to the photographer.

Impressed by his find, the author of the image tells:

Besides the old hospital, there are many others on this street.
abandoned buildings. Soon here they want to open several shops,
cafe and restaurant, but for now it is a quiet, deserted place. I experienced
both shock and delight when I realized that I had photographed something
supernatural. I even had nightmares after that, although I
I think that in my picture there is nothing particularly scary. I think
These were the spirits of some old couple. In my opinion, it is even cute.
I really like this frame. When I look at him, I sometimes
it even seems that I see a reflection of my flash in the eyes of phantoms.
But I remember well that nobody stood there when I
photographed! Yes, and could not be alive on the balcony, because it
building is considered dangerous to be in it. There are even clogged
all doors and windows.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web, of course, immediately put forward their
favorite theory of paradolic illusions. Say it could
be absolutely any bright silhouettes that the human brain
takes from this angle for the figures of people. Meanwhile, there was
quite a few users who thought that an American
I was lucky to meet and capture real ghosts in the photo.
Some residents of Traverse City even remembered the urban legend of
that spirits of several former dwell in an abandoned hospital
patients who have died as a result of medical errors.

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