A pair of UFOs flew over Montreal: scientists againdidn’t notice anything

Two unidentified flying objects flew May 29 over Canadian
Montreal, perplexing locals. As you might guess,
eyewitnesses grabbed their smartphones and began to shoot the alleged
alien aircraft on cams.

Below you can view one of the received that day.
commercials. According to witnesses, the aircraft were
too brilliant, so it was difficult to see them,
however, they are clearly visible in the blue sky among the clouds. And they are difficult
confused with aircraft of terrestrial origin.

Ufologists point out that for Montreal this is a significant event,
since UFOs appear here quite infrequently. Before that
mysterious metal objects over the city were noticed only in 2016
year On the other hand, on Earth, it’s probably difficult to find a place where
the aliens would not have left their mark, so it’s even strange
that scientists are still searching for extraterrestrial intelligence and fighting
over the Fermi paradox.

Why scientists are looking for brothers in mind in space, not wanting
notice them on earth?

For example, one of the last in this regard was the work of the “First
came – first left ”(First in, last out)
discussion of the world scientific community the other day Russian
theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin, putting it on the site preint

Recall that the Fermi paradox is the theory of the physicist Enrico Fermi,
who doubted that humanity could ever find
brothers in mind, since the main question remains unresolved
of modernity: are we the only civilization in the universe or not?
So Berezin in his work, on the one hand, explains that
the main obstacle to finding an extraterrestrial mind is that we
we imagine him like him, but he can be anything
(for example, in the form of a planetary one, recall S. Lem’s novel “Solaris”),
on the other hand, it assumes that a highly developed space
civilization may simply not notice us, as we do not notice
for example, ants, and therefore unintentionally even destroy humanity,
without any intent how can we destroy a pile of an anthill when
highway construction …

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