A Phoenix resident filmed a humanoid in a “flyingplate ”

A resident of the American city of Phoenix in Arizona claims
that he managed to film the “flying saucer” in the middle of the dark
the night sky in which the humanoid appeared. According to wish
remain anonymous men, his clash with a UFO happened another 24
November this year, however, he only now decided to tell about
This ufologam. Naturally, an eyewitness put to his mysterious
letter received a month ago, the video.

The video below shows a disc-shaped air.
ship hovering over the night road and radiating bright orange
radiance. The author of the record says that an unidentified flying object
at some point, turned blue, and then white. He became
bright as a star, sharply rushed up and disappeared from sight.

But this is far from the most interesting. American claims that
если присмотреться к «летающей plate ” очень внимательно, то в ее
the window can be seen the shape of a humanoid creature.
The alleged alien supposedly fusses inside his ship, or
is actively engaged in its management, or commits some
manipulations associated with the study of our planet. Anyway –
it is a controlled apparatus, and the “pilot” himself can be considered that
is a unique phenomenon.

Not the only one, however, because this year is something like
demonstrated on the Internet known ufologists brothers Brett and
Blake Cousins. It turns out that aliens can even be seen on their
�”Flying saucers” …

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