A photo of the amazing UFO surfaced inThe web

User of a popular entertainment and news resource
�”Reddit” shared with the most interesting site curious
the story that his boss recently told him. Author
publications attached to the text of a mysterious photo depicting a
amazing UFO. The story and its confirming snapshot instantly
scattered across English-speaking sites about flying saucers
and other supernatural phenomena.

Here is what the user writes under the pseudonym Machinegamer:

I and my boss drank a few days ago in his office after
work. I am an avid conspiracy theorist and sometimes tell him about
conspiracy theories, and he most often wittily chuckles
them – this is the buzz of our conversations. And this time, he suddenly
asked me: “And I told you how I once met
UFO? “I, of course, laughed and answered:” Okay, I know that you
kidding me. ” But his face was very serious, and he began
telling me this amazing story.

According to him, about 20 years ago, he was driving in northern Michigan
near the harbor of Glen. It was about half past two in the morning,
dark, around – no trace of civilization except the road
which he moved. Suddenly, the car lit up with something. This was
powerful light and then there was a deafening screeching sound
noise … So, the boss says and says everything, and I prepare that he
is about to laugh and say, “Ha, so how did you catch you ?!” But he
continued to tell.

When this happened to him, he remembered that he had with him
camera. He took the camera, got out of the car and saw him above
there was a colossal accumulation of roundish light.
It flew somewhere above the trees, and then my boss
photographed it. He says he was very scared, but in
At the same time, I wanted to consider this unidentified
flying object. Unfortunately, the UFO quickly disappeared, having flown somewhere in
side or top – and you will not understand right away. Maybe he just went out
or even dived into the harbor, but the story diminishes it.

In general, the boss finishes his story, and I’m still waiting,
that he would burst out laughing, letting me know that it was sophisticated
a joke on his part. I nodded my head – they say I understood you. Then he
rolled up in his chair to the locker with the documents, rummaged in it and
got out a folder from there. Imagine my surprise when I discovered
in her the same photo, which, as it turns out, he still contrived
then do near the car? My jaw dropped …

Many commentators have been truly impressed by this.
a photo depicting an intense glow over the night forest.
Some Reddit users even asked Machinegamer to take from
Head negative film, scan it in high quality
and put it on the Internet so that ufologists will have the opportunity to study it
with all due care. After all, it is possible that this can be one thing.
of the most plausible evidence of the existence of alien
space ships visiting Earth.

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