A piece of ice thrown into an Antarctic well,makes a very strange sound

An interesting video received on December 18, 2015 has emerged
now on the world wide web, suddenly somehow presenting us
Antarctica, adding to this already mysterious ice continent
one “little secret” …

From November 2015 to January 2016, American scientists from
The US National Science Foundation stayed on the Taylor Glacier in
Antarctica to explore the south polar continent.

The specialists drilled a 100-meter well in the ice and once
accidentally dropped into it a large piece of ice. Suddenly
The resulting sound effect is very surprised and intrigued.
researchers. When the ice that beat against the walls of the hole reached the bottom,
he suddenly made a sound like a ricochet of a bullet.

In addition, eyewitnesses heard from the well mysterious rhythmic
a beat like a heartbeat. Of course, Americans have repeatedly
repeated their experiment. The result was always the same.
same Turning on the video below, you can hear
this weird sound yourself.

According to scientists, the noise was so loud that if
somebody put at this time to the ear hole, then surely
would hurt my hearing. Experts recognize that during the past
expedition in the snow-white desert throwing ice pieces into the well
has become one of their favorite entertainment.

Naturally, experts believe that what happened is quite
rational explanation, and we are probably talking about a bizarre, let
and little-studied, acoustic effect.

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