A poltergeist in one of the Brazilian morgues wasfilmed by an eyewitness to the camera

Video about ghosts and poltergeist, shot not by surveillance cameras,
and living people, for some reason, always cry doubts from skeptics. Here is
and this video about poltergeist in one of the Brazilian morgues here
same criticized for the same reason.

It turns out that if the CCTV camera fixes it
really, and if what happens is a person shoots – it certainly
fake. Let’s follow the logic of skeptics by the example of one of
sayings about this video:

Why certainly in the morgue was filmed – it is already suspicious.
Further more: a dauntless guard goes spontaneously to check
the slamming door, the light flashes like in the most terrible horror movie, but
even this is not the most suspicious, but something else – and who is all this
removes? And if so, it is possible that there was a third one playing the role
poltergeist …

Deadly logic, isn’t it? And if you still allow
that the video is not fake (a poltergeist doesn’t happen, or
Is this the first time)? Then the guard goes to check the slamming door.
certainly with someone (he takes it all off, because they are during the shooting
even talk to each other), one person would hardly
I decided on a similar outing, but together and even if I wanted everything
it is videotaped … Then, the door of the water supply panel slams,
look carefully: there is simply nowhere to hide the third
человеку якобы играющему роль poltergeist …

Confused only flashing light. But who knows why he is there
blinking, maybe this is a poltergeist trick? In Russia,
As far as we know, babarashki and not such get up, but here all the same
Brazil, a completely different mentality even among otherworldly forces, not
to mention that the action allegedly took place in the morgue …

Remember when we listened to such stories in childhood
peers, we never wondered – is it possible
is it really? Not asked because in childhood man
knows a lot of what he brought from the next world (and not yet
forgot), the shadows of which were discussed – how can you not believe it? With
in time, a person forgets completely his afterlife – and no longer
what does not believe. Fortunately, this does not apply to everyone, but for them
similar videos are shot. It is not clear just why them with
pleasure look and skeptics? To bite something and
this way to assert itself? It seems so …

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