A poltergeist was spotted in the Irish school:video

In CBS Deerpark High School of the Irish City of Cork
a supernatural phenomenon that was distinctly recorded on one
из местных камер videoнаблюдения.

An unexplained incident took place last Sunday night, 1
October, when the building was empty. Administration of the institution
learned of the incident from the guard, decided to lay out the mysterious
entry into the World Wide Web. The video recently published on
official school page in the social network “Facebook”.

На представленном ниже video можно лицезреть темный коридор.
Suddenly, at its end spontaneously opens, and then with noise
the door slams. Next, one of the metal starts to shake
lockers in the foreground. There is no sign that
there are people there. Particularly impressive is the moment it opens.
the door of another locker, and some scientists are flying out
accessories. And at the end of the plate, standing on the floor, rapidly
flies up into the air. Obviously, no threads and lines
This effect is impossible to achieve.

Was it a real poltergeist? How to explain this
record skeptics, accustomed to seeing everywhere mystification and deception? AND
почему ирландские учителя не побоялись выложить данный videoролик в
ANDнтернете, ведь наверняка это не понравится вышестоящим
officials? ..

By the way, among the students of the Irish school for over a year now
there are rumors of a ghost boy who settled in the men’s room.
The teachers who heard the conversations of their pupils about the spirit in the restroom,
they only laughed or rolled their eyes in mock fear.
However, now, apparently, appeared irrefutable
proof that the person from the other world really huddles
here and even sometimes excesses, while no one is near.

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