A powerful flash on the sun: what can beeffects?

Yesterday, that is, on September 6, the most powerful of the last
twelve years an outbreak on the sun that negatively affected
all kinds of communication in America and Europe. It is possible to fail in
operation of spacecraft, however, while there is no accurate data, and
therefore reliable information for the media.

Today on the planet was expected a strong magnetic storm, but in this
the plan is still pretty calm, although the most sensitive people
(with chronic illnesses) have already felt the deterioration
your health condition. True, nothing critical and
supernatural doctors do not fix …

A solar blast was awarded a high score of X9.3. This is the most
a powerful burst of our luminary, for which we needed
unique conditions are usually peak solar activity. That and
more surprising is this flash since it occurred against the backdrop
solar minimum. Moreover, researchers expect a new release
coronary mass on the night of September 8 to 9, associated with this
record in recent years, a solar explosion. Moreover, scientists still
only to understand the reasons why the sun “exploded”
then, when no one even expected it, when nothing like
it is said that it did not foresee trouble. However, recently residents
The Earth has already ceased to be surprised at all kinds of cataclysms, as
natural and cosmic, in particular, connected with the mysterious
the behavior of the sun itself.

As a result of such a powerful solar explosion, they say
Russian researchers, in particular, the head of the Center
space weather at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey
Gaidash, Muscovites can watch the northern lights, as it has already been,
for example, March 17, 2015 (see video).

On the other consequences of solar superflash scientists are still
only make assumptions – time will tell, than all this will turn around
for our planet.

Ufologists, in turn, have already noted increased activity of UFOs.
near the sun. It is not clear what attracted them specifically, however
mysterious alien ships, according to independent
researchers, in huge numbers were seen against our
Luminaries just on the night of September 6-7. True, no
video materials about this on the Internet have not yet been received …

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