A powerful source of radiation was discovered by scientists underices of Antarctica

An international team of scientists from the PolarGAP project the other day, as
reports the publisher Planet Today, made a flight over the plane
a specific territory of Antarctica using radar
penetrating into the thickness of the ice for more than three kilometers.

Expedition, it is specified, was successful, moreover, during its
even something unexpected is revealed: in the east of the mainland scientists
discovered a powerful heat flux that supposedly could have been
cause of radiation. That’s what Tom says about this.
Jordan – Researcher for UAS (British Antarctic Survey),
one of the participants of the flight:

The source of radiation is unknown to us, it is quite possible that this leads
itself a radioactive rock that is at a depth of three thousand meters
created a hot lake. Does all this affect the melting
Antarctica? Of course, however, this is not essential for a huge
the mainland. Such processes can go here for millennia and even
millions of years, without changing anything drastically. Although in the future everything
may change because the global warming observed in
generally on the planet, whether you want to or do not want it, but superimposed on
this heat source – and for this reason the region can become quite
vulnerable to major changes.

Scientists do not disclose the exact location of the identified source.
powerful radiation, saying only that this area is in 750
kilometers from the coastline of Antarctica. Recall that something
similar last year discovered in the western part of the ice
mainland, and in July of this year, under the Pine Island Glacier glacier
supposedly found an underground volcano. It all contributes
intense melting of ice in Antarctica, which is observed in
recent years, although the causes of the most hidden phenomena like today’s
a powerful source of radiation, scientists are still unknown. Being built
all sorts of assumptions, but researchers have not yet shared them with
the general public.

As emphasized by the same Tom Jordan, in contrast to all sorts of
fans of anomalous phenomena and ufologists who periodically find in
Antarctica anything, from aliens, their “flying
plates “and ending with the mysterious monsters and giants of past eras,
real scientists cannot baselessly build any theories.
In this case, it is better not to finish something than to say something extra,
unreasonable, since it is not known to what extent this information
will be false or true. Time and further research
will certainly bring us closer to the truth, and then we can say
something more specific …

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