A prediction from 1973 states that the endthe light will come in 2040

Australian scientists have decided to open the world now
the public is a very curious secret. It turns out in 1973
specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created
on the fifth continent, the most advanced computer at that time was “World
One “, whose sole purpose was to predict the future
of our planet. For this, the computing device used
complex algorithms, analyzing the past of mankind and the current
trends of its development.

The author of the project was the late computer pioneer
engineered by jay forrester. To the immense shock of Forrester and his
colleagues, the car predicted that the collapse of human civilization
will occur in 2040 due to overcrowding and pollution
the planet, various diseases and depletion of resources. Moreover,
�World One concluded that the turnaround will begin in 2020. So
after two years, we can begin to sense the approach
world catastrophe.

Many predictions of “World One” have already come true. So car
foresaw the rapid development of technologies that will subjugate
humanity will begin to bring more harm to it than good. Besides
In addition, the computer has determined that the deterioration of the quality of water, air and
food will lead to a massive spread of cancer
diseases. Just look today at the United States, where
cancer is the second cause of death after
cardiovascular ailments.

In 1973, scientists did not dare to publish so
pessimistic results of their research. According to them, this
would cause panic among the world’s population, since computer
technology seemed to the average people to be something fantastic and
incomprehensible, and therefore deserving one hundred percent confidence.
Today, many certainly put disappointing forecasts “World
One’s in doubt. However, it is quite remarkable how
successfully artificial intelligence foresaw almost half a century ago
the current state of things in the world to the extent that he called himself
primitive compared to the future, that is, modern computers.

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