A rare hybrid of zebra and donkey was born inOf England

In the English county of Somerset was born the rarest calf female
zebra and male donkey.

Zippi is second in the UK
Zebroid, that is, a hybrid of a zebra and an animal of another species
horse family. According to his owner, 39-year-old Christina
Turner, she could not believe her eyes when she saw on her own
The farm is an amazing and sweet creature.

A farmer says she bought a zebra named Ziggy for several years.
back in the hope that the female will ever give birth. Animal
constantly grazed on the field with nine donkeys. Until Zippi was born,
Turner did not even suspect that her zebra was pregnant. Now
Christina is the mistress of the unusual and incredibly valuable.
half-semi-semi-black foil, because there are few such individuals
not just in the UK, but around the world.

Englishwoman tells:

Last month I woke up, opened the curtains on my window
bedrooms, looked at the farm and suddenly saw this kid there,
standing on four legs and looking straight in my direction. I
was shocked to the core. I сбежала вниз в одной пижаме,
put on a jacket and ran outside to see it close. Zippi
very cute and funny. From the very first day he has observed
own character, which markedly distinguishes him from my other
favorites. It is a half wild animal, therefore it often bites.
and kicks me, but does it jokingly and certainly with love.

British Zebroid looks like a large foal with striped
like a zebra, kicking. Пока Тернер не планирует продавать Zippi,
because the cub is very attached to his mother, who once arrived
to England from Africa itself.

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