A rare mutation turned small people into�”Amphibian people”

A rare case of natural selection in modern man
registered Danish evolutionary scientists.

Representatives of the Baggio ethnic group living in the Philippines,
Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei gradually from generation to generation
have developed an amazing ability to dive to significant
depth and stay under water for a long time. It turned out that these
Asians, freedivers enlarged spleen, and the genome has undergone
significant changes.

Baggios are capable of an incredibly long time under water
engaging in fishing and other marine life. This unique
the people were called “sea gypsies” because bajo were led by nomadic
Sailing lifestyle. It’s hard to believe, but quite a few
Representatives of this ethnic group are held daily on
the depth of the ocean more than six hours in the total amount of diving!

In addition, many “sea gypsies” are somehow incomprehensible
do without drinking water, and some never
go to land.

Nowadays, the number of this people is about 700
thousands of people. However, in the conditions of the modern world less
Baggio live in the ocean. Many young people go to land
to enjoy all the benefits of civilization, and therefore gradually
lose their unique abilities derived from their ancestors.
Thus, someday “sea gypsies” can completely withdraw
from this fantastic freediving, becoming ordinary
civilized people.

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