A rat can scare not only humans, but alsoa cat

That’s it, that in extreme situations, a rat can attack
on any animal, including humans. Say that against
rats have such a “scary” beast like a cat. But is the cat always
Is the winner when meeting a rat?

We invite you to watch a video made by a resident of Luxembourg
(of the town of Esch-sur-Alzette) – by a certain Cloud who witnessed
how the cat rushes at the rat near the grocery store, but … not here
It was, a small predator gives her a fight, moreover, he plunges
pussy in a cowardly rout, chasing and degrading her in every way than
very puzzled by the operator.

Cloud not only shot the whole scene on his smartphone, but right there
posted a video on the Internet as something amazing. but
World Wide Web users are not very surprised by this
situations, almost everyone remembered how he himself observed something
like that And one user even told the story, as he once drove
the street rat to the corner of the building and already, it was, the victory triumphed, but …
then the animal screamed wildly and literally rushed at the man. And that one
the literal sense of the word ran from the rat, as from the worst
the beast.

Так что a cat в данном случае можно понять. Sure bold her
you will not name, but it’s still a pet, which is long
humanized, and therefore, right, took over from their masters not only
habits, but also a subconscious fear of rats. Any
it happens…

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