A resident of Bristol noticed a snowman fromtrain window

And although in this case the Englishman failed to remove the mysterious
Bigfoot neither in the photo nor in the video, his story is quite
deserves the attention of all who are interested in this topic. AT
the veracity of this narrative is one hundred percent sure
employees of the british group yeti researchers british bigfoot
Sightings who had a conversation with a resident of Bristol, unfortunately
who wished not to give his real name.

So let it be John, who was driving that day from Exeter
to your hometown. In the courtyard stood November 2017, behind the glass
sad landscapes glimpsed, therefore in the window of the train at that moment there was little
who watched. But John rarely went by train in recent years, but
because it was interesting to him to admire just flying before
with eyes of living pictures instead of staring at mobile
the device, which was what the absolute majority of passengers did.

Some ten miles to Bristol. And at this moment
the British saw something amazing outside. ATот как он сам
describes his encounter with a mysterious creature:

As we drove past farmland, I suddenly noticed that
the edge of the field, just where the hedge of young trees stood and
bushes, moving incomprehensible animal, very similar to a huge
a monkey (compared to humans, it was a real giant). She is
easily moved on two legs, with a very strange gait,
as if slightly bent legs at the knees, while doing huge
Steps. I immediately realized that it was a bigfoot (my heart had stopped so), before
He was a hundred or so meters. Due to the large distance
before yeti, I was lucky enough to watch him for quite a while (for that
the creature’s time reached the edge of the field), although it flew, apparently, of all
about ten seconds, maybe fifteen. It all happened between
railway stations Nailsea and Yatton – closer to the last. But
where the bigfoot came from near Bristol, is that the question?

British Bigfoot Sightings researchers clarify that
ATеликобритании вообще нет крупных животных. AT стране давно
exterminated wild animals such as boars, bears and wolves, not
to mention the humanoid monkeys that are in the United
The kingdom was no spawn. Therefore, assume that some
hominids miraculously survived in England and are still hiding from
people (it is not known where, if you take the rare forest suburb of Bristol),
It does not work in terms of logic.

And, nevertheless, on the British Isles met Bigfoot in
all times calling them woodwose (see picture below), moreover,
as the story goes, the extermination of large animals had no effect
the frequency of these mysterious creatures.

By the way, it is in vain to think that a snowman is found only
in the wild prairies of America. He, for example, is seen in many corners
Russia, and in the most seemingly unsuitable places for secret
neighborhood with people, for example, even in the suburbs. So nothing
there is no wonder if Bigfoot appeared near Bristol.

This once again proves that these humanoids come to our
reality from a parallel world like so many others
mystical creatures such as lake monsters, chupacabras,
winged monsters of America and many others. And the one who does not believe in
this, say the British Bigfoot Sightings staff, explain to them
the emergence of the same bigfoot in the densely populated people of Britain also
hard, how to prove that the Sun is not really yellow, not even
red, and – white …

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