A resident of Montreal recorded from nowheresounds like metal grinding

The following video was taken on the night of 30 to 31
October this year, a resident of the Canadian city of Montreal.
The woman went out into the balcony at night and suddenly heard
strange and loud “metallic” sound that arrived incomprehensibly
from where and looking like something from science fiction Hollywood
the movie.

Of course, our heroine immediately took her mobile phone and
captured heard on the gadget camera. Movie circled many
World Wide Web resources devoted to abnormal phenomena. Ufologists
suggested that we are talking about the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization. It is possible that “flying
dish “aliens.

However, people occasionally hear mysterious man-made sounds in
different points of our globe, many researchers have tried
find their source – so far to no avail. The secret remains
secret, although people sometimes suffer from such auditory abnormalities
For months, the authorities are attracted to the search for the source of noise all scientific
the light of the city, the country is useless. The most amazing thing is that sounds
as a rule, they also abruptly and mysteriously cease …

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