A resident of Samara has shot a UFO stalkingthe plane in which she flew

Love Davydova from Samara posted on the pages of social networks
UFO video chasing the plane on which it flew. Flight
started at six in the morning from Samara International Airport
Kurumoch, the airbus was flying to the United Arab Emirates.

As soon as the liner reached a height of about 10 thousand meters above
the Earth’s surface, a UFO in the form of
translucent sphere, which was soon noticed by many passengers.
This is how a woman describes her impression of this strange encounter.
in the sky:

Then everyone started shouting – see what it is that flies behind us?
I also looked out the window – a strange cloud followed
our plane. The sun has not yet risen, and the sky was not normal
clouds, the poet UFO was well looked through. And since he flew for
us for quite some time, many, including me, took it off on
video. Some passengers drew attention to UFO flight attendants,
asking the pilots to find out what it is, but … of course, we
no one did not explain anything. I later ferried the footage
to the Pulkovo Observatory, but I think there is nothing intelligible
they won’t tell me …

As seen in the video, a strange object flying behind the passenger
airliner makes chaotic movements. It was all the more
strange and mysterious because it proved that the translucent sphere
possesses a specific motion algorithm, and not just settled down
in the tail of the plane. However, an hour later the UFO fell behind, or rather,
just gone. Whether he is tired of flying for the plane, or he
completed his task and … dissolved in the air.

Here is a little adventure experienced in an airplane resident
Samara. In her opinion, it was even very interesting, especially since
The UFO did not cause the aircraft any harm, but a few distracted and
amused passengers – that’s for sure …

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