A resident of Simferopol told about the meetings withthe world of the dead

A resident of Simferopol Natalia Shishkina rested with her friends in
the village. Near the house was a graveyard. Once upon a clear sunny day
the woman decided to photograph the irises blossoming in the courtyard. When by
returning home took a snapshot, then was somewhat surprised
having seen a strange cloud in the corner of the photo. And then Natalya remembered that
once told Sergey, in the family of which she stayed …

�”Walking” spirits

The man claimed that not only he, but his relatives and acquaintances
often see similar clouds. This, as Sergey believed, is “walking”
spirits of people buried in the cemetery. And then Natalia told such
a story.

One evening he was returning from work later than usual –
tired, hungry and that the narrator especially stressed, absolutely
sober. Sergei’s path lay past the cemetery. Approaching the graveyard, he
suddenly stopped at the sight of a blackening manly silhouette in front of him.
It seemed that the stranger hovers above the ground, so smooth were his
movement. From this picture Sergey became scary, go further
he did not dare …

Suddenly, Sergey’s mobile phone rang – and for some
time distracted him. Having answered his wife, the man looked up and saw that
the road before it is empty, the frightening silhouette has disappeared …

Having crossed himself, Sergey rushed home and only there finally
calmed down and talked about his adventure to his wife, than, of course,
frightened her …

The case in the city cemetery

Natalya immediately believed this story, because she herself had no time
faced with something similar. Once she and her daughter
went to the cemetery to visit the graves of relatives. Grandfather and grandmother
were buried nearby, and Natalia began to weed out the grass in their
ogradke. The girl first helped her mother, and then she was tired and sat on
shop rest.

At this time, not far from them, literally through the row, someone
were buried. Out of the corner of her eye Natalya saw a crowd of people, heard a quiet
cry. Then people began to disperse, and soon near the fresh grave
no one left. Suddenly, at some point, Natalia realized that
mistaken: in front of the grave mound covered with wreaths and
flowers, there was a man wearing a dark jacket. �“Why didn’t he
gone? – thought Natalia, peering into the face of a man. – Probably,
wants to say goodbye to the deceased alone … “Having decided so, she was ashamed
her curiosity and lowered her head. And when she looked again at that
side, the men near the grave were gone. So quick it
The disappearance was also somewhat surprised by Natalia, but no more.

Having finished their work, the mother and daughter sat on a stool and, taking out
brought food, gathered to remember their relatives. Unexpectedly girl
asked if her mom saw a strange man at the new grave.
The oddity was that this man did not leave, but literally
evaporated before her eyes …

Frightened and intrigued at the same time, Natalia decided
inspect the fresh grave. My daughter is stuck with her. Among the wreaths and
of flowers they found a photo of the deceased: from her, smiling, looked
the man whom both of them saw standing near this very grave!
�“It’s him, he! – repeated the amazed girl. – He was here and then
Immediately gone! .. “

Dead spirits can serve alive

We all know “cemetery horror stories” from our childhood,
when these dark stories are perceived most clearly and amaze
imagination is an inexplicable and mesmerizing creepiness. In adult
human, as a rule, there is no need to think about such
phenomena, unless, of course, he encounters them directly,
as it happened with Sergey and Natalia. But there are people who
constantly deal with dead spirits and, what’s more, use them
help in a variety of cases. These people, of course, are sorcerers.
Through magical rituals and secret spells the master can
to address the spirit with a question and get a truthful answer to it. is he
can also make their request or demand – and they will

The strongest is the spirit of the deceased, whom during the day
buried in the cemetery last. is he является хозяином погоста до
of that time, until the next is buried here, the last
for the day – the deceased. This spirit is also called a graveyard. To him and
in the case of extreme need, strong masters turn when
urgent and effective help is needed.

As for the ordinary, far from all the magical people,
there are most of us, then we need and sufficiently with due
respect the world of the dead and its mystical manifestations in
our reality – the reality of the living …

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