A resident of Stockholm filmed a UFO with a brightray of light

A resident of the capital of Sweden shared a video with ufologists,
made her late night very recently. The video is captured
the alleged UFO that throws a bright beam of light onto the earth.

The Swede who wished to remain incognito, told the experts
on alien themes that she is somehow strange that night
woke up: at three o’clock, and suddenly, as if someone pushed her and
commanded to look out the window. Naturally, she did it and
I was stunned:

In the midst of the dark orange sky (apparently from the moon) some
a black disc-shaped object (it seemed to me so), from which
a bright ray of light fell across the earth, like a powerful searchlight. I
for some time, fascinated looking at this mysterious picture, but
then I guessed to shoot on a smartphone. That’s what happened …

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