A scientist is trying to create a time machine tosave your father

73-year-old American theoretical physicist, academician and writer
Ronald Mallett, who teaches at the University of Connecticut,
intends to build a real time machine. And this is not
An ambitious project, more likely a humane one.

The main objective of this project is a reputable professor puts
saving the life of his own father, who was a heavy smoker and
He died of a heart attack when our hero was still a child.
One year after the death of Mallett’s parent, read the famous
the science fiction novel The Time Machine by HG Wells, and
the book impressed him so much that he decided to devote his life
invention of the device for traveling into the past and the future.

Surprisingly, the theoretical physicist has already created a prototype of his car.
of time. The outlandish machine is a special cylinder.
with a variety of laser emitters designed to bend
space inside the structure. According to Malletta, space and
time is inextricably linked with each other, so the distortion of one
will certainly lead to a distortion of the other.

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