A series of hurricanes was generatedartificially?

The Internet is gaining momentum news that
the destructive hurricanes “Irma” and “Harvey” that hit America,
caused by artificially and that the fault is not Russia, but the very
America, its deep state.

Allegedly, Kremlin insiders have information that
Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to soon
make public that the American government itself
projected a recent wave of terrible hurricanes that devastated
most of the coast of America. Say, Russia has
irrefutable evidence of this, including photographs and
satellite footage showing that
extreme weather conditions around the Earth suit today

At first glance, it all seems just wild and
fantastic: why should the US government destroy its own people?
However, it should be noted that in this country such examples of genocide
there were before, it is enough to remember the largest for the world
the story of the alleged “terrorist act” of September 11, 2001 in
New York, during which the skyscrapers of the World
a shopping center with a few thousand peaceful Americans in them.
Today it has been proven that this is the work of the CIA and the US military,
that is, the deep state behind it all.

It is the deep state that has now arranged the series.
devastating hurricanes. The purpose of this barbarism is almost the same
that was staged and 16 years ago in New York: cause massive
suffering and discontent of the american people and on this wave
do whatever you want. For example, eliminate unwanted president
Trump, unleash a war with Russia, since it is supposedly she
satisfied with hurricanes and other byaki Americans (remember the hysteria on
about the global media), and so on.

And the fact that a deep state has a climate weapon,
no doubt about it, for example, in the recent live broadcast
CBS channel theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku told (see
video) that today artificially cause hurricanes, storms and
earthquakes are quite possible and a system like HAARP on
Alaska, has long been engaged in similar experiments.

Well, how far these “experiments” have gone, it seems
many people in the world already understand, because humanity today lives in
some strange state, a real nightmare that
better than the Third World War. Or maybe she has long been? ..

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