A small Russian church just fabulousbeauty

This small church stands on the same small island of the river.
Vuoksa of the Leningrad region, not far from the Finnish border –
near the village Vasilievo Priozersk area. And although these
There are a lot of island temples in the world, this is a unique church in its
kind of because it stands in the middle of the water on a monolithic rock that
allowed to bring this temple of St. Andrew the First-Called to the Book of Records

And for anyone who has ever been to these parts and their own
eyes saw this charming little church surrounded by stunning
in its beauty of the northern nature of Russia, this temple
It’s not unique because it stands on a rock
in the middle of the water. It seems that he left the pages of good Russian
fairy tales – that’s what strikes in the first place!

This amazing church was built quite recently – in 2000,
thanks to which, a particularly unremarkable area suddenly became
a place of pilgrimage for tourists, and the temple itself – the great local
sight. Believers come here naturally,
because in the church on Vuoksa you can get married, baptized, and
just take part in the regular services that take place in
the temple. Although this church is still not for tourist entertainment,
and for the soul, eager for solitude in the world and unity with Nature. BUT
maybe from the whole Universe …

More recently, to get to the church was only at
however, today a bridge has already been laid to the island, so
to the temple at the present time is not difficult if
Of course, you know the schedule, when believers are received here and
everyone who wants to touch this little mystery of Being.

The idea of ​​creating such a unique Russian church was born in
head of the University of Herzen, the architect was
талантливый художник BUTндрей Ротинов (ныне уже покойный), а
спонсором — местный дачник BUTндрей Лямкин. Probably because
церковь возводили два BUTндрея, храм был назван в честь апостола
BUTндрея Первозванного. The church was built according to the ancient canons of Russian
wooden architecture in the form of the original eight – following the example
Church of the Ascension, which stands in the village of Kolomna.

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