A solid reward for capturing Chupacabra was announced inKostroma region

In the urban-type settlement Krasnoye-on-Volga, located at 35
kilometers from Kostroma, they decided to finally catch the Chupacabra,
periodically slaying chickens, rabbits and other livestock
local farmers.

Despite the fact that most people on Earth consider the Chupacabra
a terrible urban myth, this monster, harming mainly
subsidiary farming of citizens, from time to time noticed in many
corners of the world. And the village of Red-on-Volga is just one of
such unfortunate places in Russia.

The editors of the local edition of the “Red Volga region” announced the award in
the amount of 100 thousand rubles for the capture of the legendary monster alive or
dead 10 thousand rubles will receive anyone who can provide
journalists claw, fang or any other part of the body given
cryptide. One of the mushroom pickers recently discovered remains in the forest.
an unknown dog-like creature with huge teeth. When
the man subsequently returned for him, the corpse mysteriously
disappeared. Thus, this Kostroma reward,
Sorry, just missed.

Residents of the village hear an eerie howl at night and believe that with
the bloodthirsty predator must end. True, the action was announced
at the beginning of the month, but for some reason, the reward still remains
no one claimed. And not only chupacabra, even hair with
no one can get its wool.

Recall that in the whole world the hunt for this cryptoid is conducted by the most
experienced trackers, hunters and other researchers from among
professionals, but so far these attempts have not brought the desired
result. Chupacabra, like the Yeti, is a mystical being and, rather,
everything, not from our world. It possesses not only tremendous power and
astounding cunning, as some believe, this beast
really intelligent and owning some supernatural
abilities, for example, his dogs are very afraid, he can
go through any obstacles, besides traces of it, as a rule,
break off like a monster dissolves in the air. Finally why
he only drinks the blood of animals, not touching the carcass? Why never
attacks people? This also leads to some thoughts …

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