A specialist photographed a giant bridge onThe moon

On the evening of September 19 of this year, an Australian specialist in
Tara Anderson of the University of the South
Queensland photographed the moon and unexpectedly received a very
unusual and mysterious shot.

It was imprinted with an incomprehensible structure of colossal dimensions.
several hundred kilometers long. This object is definitely not
may be a crater since it is noticeably towering above
Selena’s surface and is clearly visible against its dark side.

Astronomers, however, report that they are most likely talking about
Rainbow Bay – a large impact crater located on
northwest of the lunar Sea of ​​Rains and filled with frozen
basaltic lava.

Many ufologists and ordinary web users are not categorically
agree with this opinion.

Some of them are convinced that it was a bridge or some other
structure built on a natural satellite of the Earth
aliens. According to others, we have a huge
snake-like creature crawling to the surface
heavenly body. Третьи считают, что на The moon произошел какой-либо
cataclysm. The fourth altogether suggest that the moon is
hologram in our matrix system, which briefly gave

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