A stirring humanoid object washed oncoast in china

Mysterious video, shot July 9 in China, fell into the hands of
Western researchers of supernatural phenomena. According to
experts, an amazing movie shows a flat object
or even a living being with outlines resembling
human In the frames below you can see
a man holds this thing in his hands, showing the operator, and
the supposed creation, still wet from the water, wiggles into this
moment of their “feet”.

Unusual material quickly interested the users of the World
cobwebs from across the globe. Some of them claim that this is not
a creature known to official science or a mutant. According to
others, we are talking about an organism from another planet. If you believe
third, we have a kind of bizarre “puppet”, resulting in
movement of the hand of the Chinese, clutching her head. Fourth
suggest that this is a mysterious inorganic substance,
imitating life.

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
US research reports that around 95% of the world’s oceans are
unexplored, and in its depths the most incredible can dwell
creatures. Humanity does not yet have the necessary resources for
exploring all the underwater life on Earth and maybe never
will possess them. Thus, it is possible that ashore
People’s Republic of China delivered something deep –
incomprehensible while for our civilization.

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