A strange branch in the forest endlessly swings itselfby oneself

A resident of a small town Ketchuma in Idaho, USA told
network users about a rather modest (compared to, say, with
the emergence of a bigfoot), but a very interesting phenomenon observed in
nearby forest. According to the American, the mysterious anomaly was
accidentally discovered by his neighbors in the spring of 2011 during
time hike on nature.

Surely many locals have repeatedly passed by
of this place, without even noticing the strange behavior of one or two branches
on a seemingly unremarkable tree. However,
our hero’s acquaintances turned out to be far more attentive than their countrymen and
may have been the discoveries of so bizarre
a phenomenon.

The following entry shows a couple of green branches on
a tree that is swinging intensely despite
calm weather. The operator specifically directs the camera to
parties so that viewers could be convinced that at this moment not even
one leaf in the forest does not wave. The video lasts long enough and gives
understand that no one touched, did not pull and hit the branches behind the scenes.
If you believe the Americans, they hesitate so always (and still), and
no one can accurately determine why.

However, some users of the World Wide Web may have
managed to find an explanation for what is happening. It is assumed that all
it’s the so-called Venturi effect. Say, tree trunks,
between which there are branches, create a kind of pipe, in
which even the slightest air flow is greatly enhanced and blowing
upward, like a pretty strong and very focused wind,
why only certain branches sway.

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