A strange creature saw Google usersMaps on one of the photos

Street View Google Maps camera shot a strange creature
on the balcony of the house at: “8 rue docteur, 54000 Nancy,
Meurthe-et-Moselle, France. ” Anyone can find this
snapshot without much difficulty, however …

However, it already has no monster standing near
bike – it was retouched. Fortunately, meticulous users
Internet, constantly looking for something interesting and
amazing, managed to discuss and save the old photo
that is, with a mysterious creature that can be taken for
alien, alien from a parallel world and just for
monster from a terrible tale.

This humanoid is nothing like an effigy. First, it is issued
piercing, clearly lively eyes, from which it becomes scary.
Secondly, there is some kind of challenge in his appearance. The specialists
argue that this is by no means a dummy. Then what is it?

But the most important thing is that the service staff
Google Maps soon retouched the monster in this photo,
that only added fuel to the fire and made the story even more
piquant and attractive.

Despite the fact that the picture was taken in 2008, it is still
we broadly chat on the Internet. And here’s why: in the proposed below
video, in which there is this anomaly from Google Maps,
This article discusses many of the Street View cameras, in which
sealed with difficult to explain or even completely unexplained
moments. But for some reason, not a single shot was retouched after that and
no way was corrected. And only a photo with a strange monster
the service staff decided to somehow “ennoble”, that is, to erase
from him a mysterious humanoid. Strange, isn’t it? ..

Especially in light of the fact that any such bursts
�”Unhealthy interest” in individual Google Maps snapshots, a guide
service will certainly respond, explaining what happened, for example,
Street View camera crash, a police investigation into
�”Sealed murder” did not confirm the assumptions
web users, and so on. But such a trifle as
ask the owners of the house, on the balcony of which the monster was shot, what
See, they couldn’t do it – it’s easier
turned out to retouch it. Conspiracyologists grin: this and
understandable, because the owners of the mansion probably answered that
there was no one with a bicycle, and there could not be one
threatened to sue Google Maps for such a “joke”. Had to
creepy monster urgently paint over …

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