A strange face in the window warned Vologda aboutfires

A resident of the Vologda region Galina Kovshova shared with
users of Runet very interesting story and photo.
According to the woman, this story happened to her back in 2010,
however, our compatriot decided to tell about her only

Russian woman recalls that summer that year was incredible
hot and dry, so in many areas, including
Vologda and Moscow, constantly burst into intense fires.
Galina was then at her dacha near Cherepovets, along with
daughter and granddaughter.

Intuitively anticipating the impending disaster, Kovshova asked
Relatives to stay with her, but her daughter and granddaughter decided
return, as planned, to Moscow. О fires тогда еще не
talked in the news, but our heroine felt a sixth sense that in
this weather is better not to travel.

When the relatives left, Vologda decided to pass the time
time to take pictures. She took many photos of her
cottages, and then, looking at the pictures taken on the computer,
suddenly noticed something odd and frightening on one frame. By
According to Galina, the pale face of an old woman in the window of her house
scarf, although no one there simply could not be.

And the next day, Russian journalists finally started
сообщать о крупных fires и задымлениях в Московской области. Daughter
and the granddaughter of our heroine, upon learning of this, immediately returned to the dacha.
Subsequently, it turned out that the path that should have been followed
mother and daughter, whole villages burned down, and there were no victims.

Galina is still asked the following questions. What was that
mysterious face? Did it have anything to do with fires?
Could it foreshadow trouble? Unfortunately, skeptics in the World
the web says that the mysterious silhouette in the window looks more like
stucco than on the human head. But the believers felt that
at the dacha of Galina Kovshovoy lives the spirit of the deceased her relative, who
at that moment warned a woman about possible troubles. Maybe
a ghost appeared by chance while taking pictures – this also happens around and

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