A strange “hole” in the lake is quite simple.explanation

The portuguese mountain range of serra da estrela is a quaint
heaps of huge boulders, sometimes with a house, as well as many
most beautiful lakes with clear water, similar to the blue saucers, in
which only the sky looks but sometimes naughty clouds drop in.
This amazing landscape, unique and even several
fantastic, created here by a glacier, which was once completely
covered this edge, and then walked away, creating all those low-key and in
the same time so attractive natural pictures.

And among all this magnificence – a lake with a real “hole”. Still
From afar, a traveler who accidentally finds himself here seems to be somewhere
falls waterfall, but when he rushes to this drain, then, in
Eventually, from the top of the hill, he sees something amazing, almost
scary: the lake, which is a huge funnel. And this
the funnel quickly runs away the water, as if trying to read
minutes to suck the mountain lake.

However, no fiction or even no natural anomaly
there is no trace. The hole in the lake is artificial because
the reservoir is the Konchos reservoir of the Lagoa Komprida hydroelectric station. BUT
�“Terrible funnel” in it is just a hydraulic flow
excess water. Therefore, the funnel in the lake is far unstable, in winter and
in summer it can hardly be seen here, but in spring, when in the mountains
snow melts and the water rushes down, overflowing the local lakes, including
the number and this reservoir, it demonstrates such
fantastic, just bewitching whirlpool.

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