A strange u-shaped cloud has arisen overNevada

Kristi Grimes, living in the US city of Battle Mountain State
Nevada, was quite surprised when she noticed something on March 8
unusual in the sky.

A white cloud has arisen above the earth, having a strange
p-shaped. The woman immediately took a picture of it.
mysterious phenomenon, and later laid out the resulting picture in
The Internet. Soon she learned from the experts that it was about
incredibly rare “horseshoe cloud” or “whisker cloud” as their
taken to be called in English.

�”Horseshoe clouds”, according to experts, look truly
fantastic and very rare, but nothing
supernatural in them, they say, no. Scientists claim that
we are talking about the vortex condensate of water vapor, on the edges of which
there are turbulence, bending the ends of the clouds down. Christy Grimes
very lucky, because the “mustache clouds” appear in the sky
a few minutes then lose their striking shape and
acquire unremarkable appearance.

As expected, many users of the World Wide Web
started talking about aliens, not believing in the words of experts about
prosaic nature of this phenomenon. Moreover, there is a theory
intelligent clouds according to which these vaporous creatures are quite
may represent some mysterious, incomprehensible to us
civilization. In one of the articles we wrote about how clouds
watch human activities behave like sensible
beings and even in some cases help people who fall into
trouble, not to mention the fact that through them people are often transmitted
some signs above. В общем, Christy Grimes могла столкнуться с
something similar, and as for the scientific experts, they are quite
may be mistaken in their “scientific” conclusions, since the orthodox from
science, for example, even the nature of ordinary lightning is not entirely clear
understand, but very intelligibly trying to explain it …

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