A strange UFO above Washington was disguised asaircraft

Visitors to the ski resort “Snokvalmi Pass” in the US
Washington State, vacationers the other day in this nice place, not even
suspected that an unidentified flying object would fly over them
cigar-shaped. The most inexplicable in all this that UFO
оставил в вышине конденсационный след, прямо как aircraft. None
менее, aircraftом это воздушное судно никак не могло быть.

So, one of the tourists accidentally looked at that moment at the sky
and suddenly realized that a long and dark UFO was flying there. Simply
amazing The witness, of course, immediately took out his smartphone and
captured the anomaly on video, sending later received
Record ufologam. Material in a short time managed to fly around many
foreign sites.

Explorers of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial
civilizations have concluded that the length captured on these frames
the apparatus must be at least a kilometer. Obviously neither
one state in the world does not possess such technology. Someone
says that it’s probably about a space rocket, however
the statement immediately raises a reasonable question: where are these individuals
have seen such huge earth rockets? Also, why did she fly
in the earth’s atmosphere, and not in orbit? Some skeptics believe that
это все же был обычный aircraft, который из-за некоей странной
The illusion looked like a long dark stripe.

Having become acquainted with this video, many conspiracy theorists recalled
chemtrails, or himtreylah, as they are called.
A popular conspiracy theory says that the secret world government
распыляет в небе таинственные химикаты из aircraftов. Learn this
aircraft, дескать, можно по необычному конденсационному следу,
which does not disappear in a few minutes, but expands and
turns into a kind of cirrus cloud. Widespread
the view that in this way the powerful are controlling
population of the planet are experiencing chemical weapons or
even prepare the Earth for the arrival of aliens. Really,
�”Strange UFO” – this is just an illusion, resulting from the fact
что aircraft иллюминатов вновь распылял над землей отравляющие
substances? ..

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