A strange UFO “shot” in the sky whitedotted line

An amazing video appeared yesterday on a popular service.
�”YouTube”. True, the mysterious video itself was shot a few days
back in the Chilean city of Valparaiso.

The local resident Lou Kazemiro went out to the balcony to smoke and in
a certain moment noticed something strange in the sky. In thunderstorms
an unidentified flying object appeared in the clouds, which at first
slowly moving in the sky, and then disappeared from the eye of the witness. But
this weirdness is not over.

After just a couple of seconds, the mysterious UFO appeared high again.
above the ground, after which suddenly “shot” to the side, scattering
sky light streak. If you look at the following
frames more attentively, you can see how this line becomes
dotted before completely dissolving in the clouds. Luckily,
Kazemiro quickly realized that something appeared before him
anomalous, in time took out his smartphone, capturing the “flying
plate ”on camera -“ before ”and“ after ”its“ alignment ”.

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