A striking glowing ship appeared overCalifornia

September 10 this year, over the California city of Oxnard
something amazing and inexplicable happened. In the evening sky
there was a huge disk with blue lights on the sides.

The following video, which had time to do on the Internet
a lot of noise was accidentally witnessed from a car window
this incredible picture. Although there was fog
unidentified flying object clearly imprinted on the data

Local resident Helen Riley, who saw this with her own eyes
fantastic “flying saucer”, shares its

The UFO was moving very low above the ground, but did not produce
any noise. It was very strange and even to some extent
scary. As if something before us arose from another world, on
head ahead of any of our technologies. Earth aircraft
undoubtedly, would make the noise of engines, and here – deathly silence. Have
I confess I immediately had a crazy thought that started
real alien invasion. Fortunately, the “plate” soon
went out and disappeared, so that I immediately relieved from
hearts …

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